Yellow Sunday

It’s been rainy all week, November is lurking around the corner…

1. DwellStudio Chevron Citrine Pillow

2. Work No 755 ‘Small Things’ by Martin Creed

3. BarCode Logo by Sean Heisler

4. CityCab Posters by Mehmet Gozetlik

5. Moth origami lampshade gold yellow by Nellianna available on Etsy

6. Attido Brand Identity & Stationery by Bond Creative Agency, Finland.

7. Fabric: MissPrint, UK. Chair: Nathan furniture, UK.

8. ‘Paradis’ printed fabric designed by Ulrika Gyllstad (2007) for Bantie, Sweden.

9. Common Dandelion, botanical illustration.

10. The Milan Review of the Universe –

11. Marigold Trend via AlixRose fashion Blog.


One response

  1. I love the color yellow, thanks for giving me a boost of sunshine today!

    11 November 2012 at 03:28

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